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Old 05-02-2012, 07:38 AM
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Angry Victems Get Vocal founder abuses,beats,kicks Daisy Watts her maid!!

Christen Brown founded Victems Get Vocal where she continues to pull on {Victims} heartstrings using Zoie to scam people for money. Donít trust Christen or Zoie. Christen does not have any feelings at all for people. She will do anything to get her way. She even kicked and punched Daisy Watts her maid and house keeper of more than twenty years. She was able to get away with it because Daisy was a little slow; mentally challenged. She kicked her and punched her repeatedly after Daisy had hurt her leg falling from a ladder while on her job at home for Christen. Daisyís leg was really hurt but Christen made her lie on the kitchen floor on a mattress because she feared Daisy would avoid work and watch TV if she let her stay in her own bedroom. When Daisy would not get up for work because she couldnít, Christen beat her until Orson heard Daisy screaming in pain and stopped Christen. Daisy quit shortly after that. She was abused by Christen for 22 years! Christen has passed on many of her sick traits to Zoie. Itís too bad that she has given those feelings to Zoie who is a self professed drug addict and liar. She steals when she can for her drugs or sleeps with different men. During the year before Orson left he asked Christen many times to pay back clients the monies that they were asking for; to avoid getting sued I suppose; but Christen said we have contracts; screw the clients. Judge Eskin deemed her complicit of fraud. Christen guilty of fraud in Santa Barbara court! She committed fraud scamming
adoptive parents. Now again with Victems Get Vocal site!
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