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Old 04-17-2012, 11:23 PM
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Red face Kate Middleton, Jeremy Lin and Sammo Hung

Pardon us for acting juvenile for this one. We find it kind of funny.

Q: What do Kate Middleton, Jeremy Lin, Sammo Hung, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus have in common?
A:They all have food faces!


So, many people see famous people's faces in their food, ranging from Jesus potato chips, to jellybeans with Kate Middleton's face on it. There's even a potato that supposedly looks like Jay Leno and a rotten grape and grilled cheese sandwich with that looks like the Virgin Mary. The jellybean with Kate Middleton's face on it is selling for over $800! The grilled cheese sandwich that has the image of the Virgin Mary was sold for $28,000!

Kate Middleton Jellybean
Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese

Virgin Mary Rotten Grape
Jesus Potato Chip

Jay Leno Potato
So how much do you think we could get for these Asian celebrity food faces we found while eating and cooking?

The face was actually there when
we peeled the potato. We didn't
do it purposely. Does the potato look like
Jeremy Lin?

Red Bean Bao
Does Sammo Hung look
like this bao?

Feel free to email us pictures of food faces you find.
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