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Old 03-28-2012, 06:36 AM
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Climate Change - Global Warming Trends

Hello boys and girls - I'm too old to bear the full effects of Global Warming but you are not. Scientist now believe that the earth has nearly passed the point of no return with respects to global warming. It's not likely that the great powers that be will change their minds about carbon emissions and Global Warming is going to continue to get much much worst ...Soooo...Anyone younger 18 years old (who will likely still be alive in 2080) will bear the full effects of the global climate change transition. This posting is for all you young kids out there ( old farts can skip this ):

At the present rate of global warming the average global temperate is expected to rise 6 degrees Celsius by 2100 or 10.8 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 (88 years from now). This is an average of 1.22 degree Fahrenheit every 10 years. Five(5) degrees is the tipping point for most life forms that will start massive migration or population changes. This means by 2053 when most of you young kiddies will be working adult - your society/community will be facing major ecological challenges with massive economical impacts. Since the effects will be global - there will be very few places you can run to escape the effects of climate change. Ten degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum temperature range of most animal life forms ( plants normally have a higher temperature range tolerance), so a 10 degree Fahrenheit shift will cause a global major shift/migration or extinction/mutation of most animal life forms. This means by the 2093 if you live that long - you would have seen populations of many animals dwindle, become extinct, or mutated into something totally different. By 2100, the sea level is estimated to rise as high as 55 inches ( about 1.4 meters in 88 years) and cause increase flooding of costal area as well as putting a portion of coastal areas underwater. This is about .625 inch per year for the next 88 years. Coastal states like Florida and Louisana with a large low elevation regions and/or wetlands will be adversely affected by flooding and the rising sea levels. The Hawaiian islands will experience a major loss of land unless there is major volcanic action to increase the size and elevation of the islands. Globally farming regions will experience a permanent shift in what agricultural food crops are viable causing an economical regional shift in agricultural production - which brings a high risk of regional famine and the socio-economical-political instability that famine can catalyze into. Semi-arable/desert areas like the middle east, Mexico, gobi desert, North Africa, and Western/Great Plains areas of the USA will be at higher risk of drought and famine. Darwinian Theory of Natural Selection suggests famine/lack of food sources favors smaller genetic mutations which require less food than larger life forms which require more food.

stuff you should read...



Saying what needs to be said

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